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11430 West Bluemound Road Ste. 104
Wauwatosa, WI, 53226
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The Labor Association of Wisconsin, Inc., is a 21st Century labor relations firm and has been representing public employees throughout the state of Wisconsin since 1985.

L.A.W., Inc provides  labor representation specializing in law enforcement.  Our Full Service plan, offers representation in collective bargaining, grievance handling, discipline, prohibited practice complaints, unit clarification, declaratory ruling and any other hearing before the WERC among other benefits provided by LAW.  Contact us for more information.



Enrollment and changes to your NVA vision plan can only be made during the open enrollment period, which is during the month of December for an effective date of January 1.

The Labor Association of Wisconsin, Inc. offers a vision plan for all of its members. In cooperation with the TOMAR Company, LAW; Inc. is offer a vision plan through National Vision Administrators. A wide variety of benefits are included in this plan for both family plans and single plans at a very affordable monthly cost, as outlined below. 

For more information on the availability of vision care centers and vision professionals in your area, visit the National Vision Administrators website. Enter the group number of 43274000001 in the box for the search by zip code feature. Enter your zip code in the next box to find a provider. 

To view a list of Wisconsin NVA providers click Here

Monthly Premium Coupons:

LAW Members:

Vision Insurance Premium Coupon - Family Plan

Vision Insurance Premium Coupon - Single Plan


Vision Insurance Premium Coupon - Non-Member Family Plan

Vision Insurance Premium Coupon - Non-Member Single Plan

You can find an Enrollment/Change application form Here


Now you can pay your monthly Vision Insurance Premiums on line through PayPal.  If you don't have a PayPal Account, you can still make your payment using the credit cards shown.

Under the "Payment Options" below, click on the drop down arrow on the far right inside the box.  Choose the "Plan" you want to pay and make a monthly or yearly payment.  You can include a message to LAW if needed and press the "Click Here" button to go to the PayPal payment information page..  If you have any questions, click here to contact us.  Online payments include a processing fee.  Thank you.

Payment Options - Member
Payment Options - Non-Member



 A comprehensive exam is provided including a determination of the refractive state of the eyes, and general evaluation of the complete visual system.

 Eyeglasses, lenses and contact lenses

  • All sizes of standard glass or plastic lenses are covered.
  • Solid tints are covered.
  • For non-standard (see below)lenses and tints the plan pays contracted amounts and the participant pays any additional cost for the supply upgrade.
  • When a participant chooses contact lenses instead of glasses, no other vision supply benefits are available during the benefit service period.


  • The participating providers carry a selection of frames that are covered in full. An insured may choose frames outside that selection and pay the difference.

Non-standard lenses include, but are not limited to, blended bifocals, no line or executive bifocals, progressive lenses, photo gray lenses, special lens coatings.

 How much will it cost?

The monthly cost of the plan, as of January 1, 2018, available as a single plan and a family plan for both LAW members and Non- Members will be when paying by check:

LAW Member Single PlanLAW Member Family PlanNon-Member Single PlanNon-Member Family Plan
$9.75 per month$22.00 per month$11.75 per month$24.00 per month

Benefits Schedule Summary

To view an in-depth benefits schedule, click here.

ExaminationFully Covered$30.00
Single Vision LensesFully Covered$25.00
Bifocal LensesFully Covered$35.00
Trifocal LensesFully Covered$45.00
Lenticular LensesFully Covered$80.00
Medically NecessaryFully covered w/pre-approval$100.00

Benefits Service Availability

ExaminationOnce every 12 months
LensesOnce every 12 months
FramesOnce every 12 months
Contact LensesOnce every 12 months