The Labor Association of Wisconsin, Inc. is a 21st Century labor relations firm and has been representing public employees throughout the state of Wisconsin since 1985. 

L.A.W., Inc provides different tiers of labor representation. One tier, our Full Service plan, offers representation in collective bargaining, grievance handling, discipline, prohibited practice complaints, unit clarification, declaratory ruling and any other hearing before the WERC among other benefits provided by LAW.

L.A.W. Inc. uses recognized legal experts who specialize in representing law enforcement. 

Our VEBA plan providing premium relief (monthly healthcare payments) for health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and home health care is without comparison.  This benefit alone sets L.A.W., Inc. apart from other labor groups but we offer more and welcome a chance to present this to your membership.

We believe that we offer more services and benefits than any other labor organization.  Our rates are the lowest in the industry with the most benefits and services.  Contact us today for more information.